Why is it so important to price your home correctly from the start?  Very Simply, no buyer is going to pay more than the market value and if there are some unsophisticated buyers out there who will, no appraiser will let them either.  The reality is that there is only one way to price a home.  It's the same way that an appraiser will appraise your home, it's the same way that the market values your home.  Of course, there are sales that occur without an appraisal as the buyer is cash and there are some very strong buyers who can pay cash above the appraised price to meet the the seller's price... unfortunately there are far and few between, and you cannot gamble on who your next buyer that wants to buy your home will be.   Achieving the maximum sales price and overpricing a property are two completely different things, one is realistic and the other is fantasy.  Our goal is to help you understand that pricing a property at a price that is not realistic only hurts you by wasting valuable marketing time however more importantly devaluing your home because it has been sitting stagnant.  Do you want to sell your home, or do you want it to sit on the market for a long time only to frustrate you?  Frankly, We both know the answer is clear.   One other unfortunate common occurrence is that there are still Realtors out there (and we mean 90+% of them) who are so desperate to have your business that they will lie to you.  Fortunately, you now realize that and you know that you want a professional agent like Sohail to represent you because he himself will tell you that, "I won't lie to my clients get your business, and shame on any agent who lie to the client and mislead them on the true value of their home and the market.  It's astounding to me that agents still do this, wasting months of valuable marketing time only to tell their client that they need to reduce the price. I am a professional, just like my doctor.  I know, with complete trust and peace of mind, that when I go see my doctor he is going to tell me the truth of what's wrong with me and that's what I expect.  So, I tell my clients the truth just as if they were going to go to their doctor."  So be careful when you interview the next Realtor to sell your home, who you work with matters!

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